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Atlantic Cable - the History of Undersea Communications: 1850-2018
Babbage's Difference Engine at the Science Museum
Bridges of Somerset County, New Jersey
Core Memory - 1974
J.C. Cox's Gold Changer and Tills
Edison's Electric Pen - the 1875 beginnings of modern copying technology
(808) 987-0272
Electric Clocks
Fantastic Films
Goodchild's Trocheidoscope
Henry J. Green Catalogue: Meteorological Instruments
J. Halden Catalogue: Slide Rules & Scientific Instruments
Kelvin Balances
Kew Bridge Steam Museum
Lenticular Imaging: 3D and Animation
Liverpool International Exhibition, 1886
London And North Western Railway Telegraph Rules And Regulations, 1871
Lords of Lightning - a directory for communications history researchers
MITS Altair Computer Brochures
Timex Magnetic Disc Recorder (1954)
USA Today Dead Media Project Article
Valentia Heritage Centre
(704) 767-2603
Websters' Instrument Makers Database at the Adler Planetarium
Weston Electrical Instrument Corporation
Zenitherm - brochures and specifications for a 1920s architectural wall and floor material
Computer Services & Supplies
USS McLanahan
Links to Other Websites
Field of Innocence - an art installation at Burning Man 2014
(973) 942-6070 - an editorial development house specializing in instruction and assessment for science and math at all grade levels.
6019309079 - Trade catalogues from 1800-1914 at the Smithsonian Institution
(516) 827-2677 in the UK has an excellent selection of technical and industrial books, plus prints and photographs
(931) 993-4211 - Desmond Squire in London is a knowledgeable dealer with many interesting instruments and books
7542322155 - Rod Lovett's site includes a large archive of rules and a slide rule literature search

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